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Caring Coconut is a woman-owned small business nestled in Spokane Valley, Washington. Every product I offer is lovingly handcrafted using my own specially formulated recipes, designed with even the most delicate skin in mind. I pour my heart into every batch, hoping they bring as much joy to your skincare routine as they do to mine. Welcome, and thank you for being a part of my community!

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Lila has such a giving, and genuine heart, and she goes out of her way to help families receive the care and healing her products bring. My birth clients have nothing but wonderful things to say about her birth kits, and my own family enjoy her wonderful healing salves, soaps, lip balms, and more. If you are looking for all-natural, toxic free, trustworthy products, you're at the right place; I highly recommend Caring Coconut!

 I have used it when my little one has started to get a diaper rash and by the next morning the rash has cleared up! I'd highly recommend the Healing Salve. Thank you for such a wonderful product that's safe to use on children, and cloth diaper friendly!

What an amazing product! We still use it on dry skin, and my healthcare coworkers all ask if they can use some for their dry hands from so much washing. I guess you could say, we're lifers now. We will continue to use Caring Coconut products as long as they're available!

I'm absolutely in LOVE with the supreme quality of the Caring Coconut products we've tried! The soaps work great with both my and my kids sensitive skin. My 2 year old son has had continuous issues with his eczema behind his knees. It gets better and gets worse, but has never completely gone away...we've been using the lavender oatmeal soap and the salve on him and for the first time in forever, behind his knees is almost clear! 
But above the Great quality is what makes a company it's best...customer service! Lila goes out of her way to deliver EXCELLENT customer service.  I am all around pleased with my experience with Caring Coconut and would recommend to anyone

Amazing product! Cleared up my newborns eczema within a few days! Fast shipping and great product I will be ordering again! Thank you!

The Flower Power Healing Salve is my go to for everything: chapstick, facial moisturizer, eczema relief and I apply it to minor cuts. Great to apply to my little ones cheeks before we go out on a cold day. I also buy the larger jar to use for a cloth diaper cream. The Dream Weaver Lotion is thick with a relaxing scent great for daily use for the whole family.

I got two packages- one for myself and one for my best friend who is expecting. These products were a life saver for me during my recovery process and I love that I can feel confident about what I’m putting on my skin.

The Healing Salve works like a miracle! I tried several other products on a rash on my son's face and nothing was working at all. The first day I put the Healing Salve on I noticed a difference 4 days later his rash was completely gone. I will be ordering this product all the time.

I use this on EVERYTHING! Especially my son's diaper area. Sometimes he'll crack and bleed at the top of his thigh. Nothing was helping, so I put a little of this on it and by the next diaper change he was almost completely healed!

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I got this as a postpartum gift for my cousin and she loved it. I also use the healing salve for my baby’s diaper rashes and haven't found anything else that works as well and is cloth diaper safe!

Very impressed with the Caring Coconut products and customer service. Bought the postpartum care kit and am very glad I did. The Healing Halve is great and I would feel good about using it on my little baby girl in the future, for diaper rash ect. Items shipped within an hour of ordering which I thought was amazing and seller responded quickly with any questions I had. Great company!

I bought this for myself and it helped my postpartum recovery immensely! I use the healing salve on so many things! I probably would've given up on nursing a while ago if I hadn't discovered Caring Coconut. Thank you so much!!!

I absolutely loved the Herbal Bath. I suggest purchasing two of them, one for a few hours after delivery and then taking one with you new baby. Amazing! This is going to be my go-to for new mommies. Thank you so so much!

I have been using the Flower Power Healing Salve since my youngest was born almost 2 years ago. She has SUPER sensitive skin, is prone to rashes and eczema, and many lotions aggravate her skin rather than helping. The Healing Salve clears up her rashes overnight almost every time, and I now use it on every member of my family. We use it on cuts and scrapes, rashes, chapped skin, itchy spots- basically everything and it is wonderful.

I love their products!!! I bought the healing salve, it's amazing. Gentle enough for my infant's champed cheeks and scratches. Recommended by my lactation nurse.

This soap is amazing and smells great! It lathers really well and keeps your hands soft. It also helped heal some wounds on my hands! My whole family made the switch from store bought soap to this!

A friend of mine let me try some of the Healing Salve on my son when he scraped his arm up pretty badly. The first thing I noticed was that it didn't sting at all. He had been crying from getting hurt and the tears stopped almost immediately. The healing time of the scrapes was significantly faster than normal. I just received my first order today and it smells heavenly! I only ordered it 2 days ago so the shipping was VERY fast! Keep up the amazing work!

Absolutely love everything I've bought. The soaps are the best and I'm always excited to try new ones. Everything is wrapped so nice. Thank you!