All Natural Bug Repellent
All Natural Bug Repellent
All Natural Bug Repellent
All Natural Bug Repellent-Caring Coconut

All Natural Bug Repellent

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Embrace the Outdoors with Confidence!

Are you a nature enthusiast who loves exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest? If so, our specially crafted All Natural Bug Repellent is just what you need to make your outdoor adventures bug-free and enjoyable. Embrace motherhood and mother nature without worrying about pesky insects!

Effective Protection for Our Unique Region: Say goodbye to annoying ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, and other biting insects with our highly effective bug repellent. Specifically formulated for the Pacific Northwest, our product provides you with powerful protection against bugs, ensuring you have a memorable time outdoors.

Safe for the Whole Family: Our bug repellent is family-friendly and safe for everyone aged 2 and above. Now, you can have peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors with your loved ones, knowing they are protected by our all-natural, Deet-free formula.

Outdoor Duo Pack - Save More, Explore More: For the ultimate outdoor experience, grab our outdoor duo pack! It includes a 2 oz All Natural Bug Repellent and a .85 oz Healing Salve. Not only will you save, but you'll also have the added benefit of our soothing healing salve for minor skin irritations after your adventures.

Naturally Derived and Environmentally Conscious: We care about your health and the environment. That's why our bug repellent is made with 100% organic ingredients, including Witch Hazel, Citronella, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Lemongrass & Geranium. No harmful chemicals - only nature's finest to protect you and the environment.

Ethically Handcrafted in the USA: Our bug repellent is handcrafted with love in Spokane, Washington. We take pride in producing high-quality products, ensuring that each bottle is filled with care and dedication to provide you with the best bug repellent out there.

Cruelty-Free and Eco-Friendly: We are committed to making a positive impact on the planet and its creatures. Our bug repellent is cruelty-free and comes in a recyclable glass jar, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.

Inspired by Nature, Designed for Adventure: Our product is born out of a deep passion for nature and the love of the great Pacific Northwest outdoors. Embrace the spirit of adventure, explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and let our All Natural Bug Repellent be your trusted companion on every journey.

Order your All Natural Bug Repellent today and embark on an outdoor experience worry free.

    What People are Saying about our All-Natural Bug Repellent

     "Must have, 1000%, my family uses this from spring to fall. Amazing insect repellent, great for mosquitos, out fishing, camping, etc. We keep 2 bottles on hand! Plus, smells AMAZING compared to other sprays."

    - Marcus

    "Black flies?? No problems here. Just a quick spray and off the grand kids go without a worry."

    - Barbara

    "This is the second time I've purchased this stuff, and it is gold. We were getting swarmed by mosquitoes on a camping trip. As soon as I sprayed the kids with this stuff they left us alone. The baby did not have any bug bites after 3 nights in mosquito haven. My husband used deet spray and he had bites all over. This stuff is amazing, and I love how it is chemical free!"


    "This is amazing! My kids were being bit nonstop by black flies until we started using this. Now they can go play outside without me worrying."


    "All the products our family has tried have worked amazingly well! Our favorite item is the All Natural Bug Repellent! None of our kids have gotten a single bite while having it on! I love that I can feel completely confident in the ingredients and know that I’m not putting anything harmful on my kids skin! Absolutely wonderful products!"

    - Evelyn