Soothing Spray
Soothing Spray

Soothing Spray

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This powerful spray is extremely versatile, making it a popular item that also comes standard in each of our Herbal Postpartum Kits. This Spray is made with Witch Hazel and hand-mixed with some of nature’s most versatile and beloved Certified Organic essential oils. It will support you in the delivery room, have countless uses in your bathroom, and save your children at the playground! Use it as an anti-bacterial or anti-itch spray, a facial toner for acne-prone skin, to soothe and minimize dark circles under the eyes, hemorrhoids, and more. With its multi-purpose function, you’ll want one at home and one tucked in your bag so that you can be prepared for life’s bumps and bruises whenever they hit. A powerful spray that works immediately on contact with wonderful results.


Orangic Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Essential Oils of Lavender & Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

What people are saying about our Soothing Spray

The healing salve works incredibly well. I swear it even lessens the pain immediately. I also love the Soothing Spray- a must have after childbirth!!


I absolutely love all of Caring Coconut products. My favorite postpartum care products by far.


I had been hearing all the good word about the flower power healing salve. About 3 months ago I purchased the birth kit. I started using the salve on my 3 years olds private as she often gets red due to not properly wiping. Overnight the redness would go away after application. Since then we’ve used it on our dog, baby acne/ regular adult acne, diaper rash, cuts, sore in my newborns neck and the list goes on. After a hot hoopfest with sunburns on dad he used it as well as soothing spray and was instantly feeling better (now he’s a believer). The salve helped heal and soothe the burn. The lotion is also great for cradle cap and smells yummy when left on her head!! Everything we have tried from the salve to the bug spray is LOVE. If you haven’t tried it I recommend purchasing the salve ASAP. The birth kit (which includes the salve) is a must for every baby shower gift because it’s AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!