Herbal Postpartum Kit
Herbal Postpartum Kit
Herbal Postpartum Kit
Herbal Postpartum Kit
Herbal Postpartum Kit
Mommy and Me Birth Kit-Caring Coconut

Herbal Postpartum Kit

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We believe that every new mother deserves some special TLC, which is why we created this exclusive Mommy and Me Birth Kit. Each item has been handmade with natural, organic, tried-and-true ingredients that support postpartum healing and is bundled in an elegant gift box that makes gift-giving a breeze. The Soothing Spray can be applied directly to the skin for itching, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and more. The Herbal Sitz Bath Bag is wonderful for decreasing postpartum discomforts like bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Last, but certainly not least our most popular .85 oz jar of signature Flower Power Healing Salve is something that mom and baby alike will find endless uses for, from acne, cradle cap, diaper rash, bruising, tears, C-section scarring, or nursing nipples. This is a powerful trio that should be at every birth or delivered as a postpartum gift. Help mom feel her best so she can spend less time recovering and more time with the baby.

Made with Certified Organic Ingredients. 

No payment receipts will be mailed with your order so you can ship directly to the recipient! 

What people are saying about our Mommy and Me Birth Kits

"My baby girl had a pretty severe diaper rash. I had been using organic diaper creams and the diaper rash just kept getting worse. I used the caring coconut healing salve and it was the only thing that worked. Now anytime it starts to look like her diaper area is a little irritated, I use the salve and it heals up right away! The salve is now my go-to for any diaper rashes and I highly recommend it!"

- Shannon


"I received the bundle for new moms from my midwife and I just LOVE it! The bottom spray helps so much during this postpartum period - I even bring it with me when I leave! And the balm was a life saver during the first few days of nursing again. I also use the balm on my newborn’s skin and I love that it smells pleasant without being overwhelming. Best of all, I love knowing that my sweet, fresh-to-the-world little guy is not being exposed to any harsh chemicals or perfumes." 


"I heard about the Flower Power salve from a friend and was desperate to try anything on my 2 week old daughters nasty diaper rash..it was on the mend almost over night! I was so happy and I'm sure she was too. I then started using it on her baby acne, dry skin and any time she scratches her little face and it has cleared it all up. This stuff is amazing!!"


"Big shout out to Caring Coconut! You have saved my nipples. Earlier this week my nipple split open and I couldn't pump or nurse without horrible pain. I got some of the salve and after 2 days I'm back to normal and able to pump much easier and get more milk out! I tried the salve on my 7mo son's diaper rash that we couldn't get rid of and with 2 applications it is almost gone. This stuff is AMAZING and worth its weight in gold!"


"I had terrible skin problems during my pregnancy and became super discouraged. I was continually worried about the chemicals in the prescription products and how they could affect my baby. Not to mention nothing ever worked! Then I used the spray and salve and saw results... immediately. For anyone who has battled skin problems, you know how relieving it is to find something that works! Now that my baby is here, I have even more uses for these products. The salve should be called "miracle formula" because it causes rapid healing that you can see right before your eyes. Life-long customer. Happy mama, happy baby. Thank you Caring Coconut."