Custom Artisan Soap Orders

Custom Artisan Soap Orders

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**Personalize Your Soap Bars**

For custom orders, you can select one scent for all bars, and they can be uncolored or in a single color of your choice.

**Order Options:**

- **2.5-pound loaf:** Yields 12 bars (2.25" W x 3" H x 1")
- **5-pound loaf:** Yields 24 bars (2.25" W x 3" H x 1")

**Packaging and Labeling:**

- Each bar will be individually boxed in Kraft boxes with a front window.
- Customize up to three lines of text for your labels.
- Additional custom design options may be available such as including your logo. 

**Lead Time:**

- The lead time for completing your order is typically 4-5 weeks.


- **2.5 lbs uncured weight:** $140 for 12 individually boxed and labeled bars
- **5 lbs uncured weight:** $240 for 24 individually boxed and labeled bars

**Note:** Final pricing may vary based on scent, color, quantity, shipping, and additional packaging preferences.

**Quality Ingredients:**

Our soaps are made with high-quality, ingredients to ensure a luxurious experience.


Shipping costs are additional.

**Contact Us:**

Before placing an order or for any inquiries, please contact me by email at:

**Payment Terms:**

Payment in full is required upon placing custom orders.