Cypress Wood Soap Dish
Cypress Wood Soap Dish
Cypress Wood Soap Dish

Cypress Wood Soap Dish

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Eco-friendly natural cypress wood soap dish, the perfect companion for your luxury handcrafted soaps. Elevate your sink area in the kitchen or bathroom with this stylish and functional soap dish that ensures your soap stays dry, extending its lifespan.

Key Features:

  1. Stylish & Functional: Our cypress wood soap dish adds a touch of elegance to any sink with its natural beauty, while its large well-draining channels effectively whisk away water, keeping your soap dry and lasting longer.

  2. Sustainable Choice: Crafted from natural cypress wood, our soap dish is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. You can feel confident knowing you're making a sustainable choice for your home.

  3. Naturally Decay-Resistant: Cypress wood is naturally resistant to decay, eliminating the need for chemical preservatives or sealants. Rest assured that our soap dish will remain durable even with frequent exposure to moisture.

  4. Handcrafted in the USA: Each soap dish is meticulously handcrafted in the USA, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.


  • Dimensions: 3" W x 5" L x 3/4" D
  • Material: Natural Cypress Wood

Invest in the longevity of your luxury soaps with our premium cypress wood soap dish. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Upgrade your soap storage today!