Dream Weaver Lotion-Caring Coconut


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Are you tired of dry, lackluster skin? Say goodbye to parched skin and hello to a revitalized, deeply hydrated complexion with our Ultra-Moisturizing Herbal Lotion Collection. Made with a rich blend of natural ingredients and infused with healing herbs, this lotion is designed to provide intense hydration without any greasy residue.

Key Features:

  • Deeply Hydrating: Our lotion's unique formula penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it nourished and moisturized throughout the day.
  • Healing Herbs: Packed with a blend of Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey, Plantain, Yarrow, and Nettle, this lotion helps heal and protect your skin naturally.
  • Quick Absorption: You'll love how easily this lotion absorbs into your skin, making it perfect for any time of day.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Each lotion comes in an 8 oz amber pump bottle, ensuring both convenience and preservation of the product.


  • Dream Weaver: Scented with Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil for a soothing and calming experience.
  • Coconut : Immerse yourself in the delightful blend of sweet coconut, vanilla, almond, and cocoa notes.
  • Captivating: An irresistible fusion of floral and citrus scents, featuring rose, violet, grapefruit, and musk.
  • Classic Clean: A gender-neutral scent with marine and green notes, complemented by rich cedarwood and musk.
  • Cocoa & Cinnamon: A delightful mix of cinnamon, coffee beans, hot chocolate, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla extract, and sugar.
  • Sandalwood & Vanilla: Allure your senses with deep mahogany and vanilla notes, wrapped in a hint of musk.
  • Sweet as Honey: Indulge in the sweetness of honey combined with orange, bergamot, clove, midnight orchid, musk, leather, oak cask, and patchouli.
  • Plumeria: Transport yourself to the tropical floral scents of the Hawaiian islands.
  • Huckleberry: The much loved sweet berry scent of the PNW!

Ingredients: Our natural and nourishing formula includes Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, and our carefully curated blend of herbs (Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey, Plantain, Yarrow & Nettle). Free from harmful chemicals, our lotion is enriched with Optiphen Plus to ensure a safe and long-lasting product.

Treat your skin to the ultimate pampering experience with our Ultra-Moisturizing Herbal Lotion Collection. Your skin will thank you for the love and care it deserves. Grab yours now and unlock the secret to radiant and healthy-looking skin!

What People are saying about our Lotion

The Dream Weaver Lotion is thick with a relaxing scent great for daily use for the whole family.