Let Me Introduce Myself

If you don't already know me personally please allow me to introduce myself and my family. My name is Lila and my husband's name is Tim. We dated through college and got married just one month after our graduation in July 2010. We were both young and ambitious to start our family. We were what I lovingly refer to as high on energy and low on wisdom. 3 children and almost 8 years later we have a lot more wisdom and a lot less energy! When we got married we always knew we wanted 3 children, but after suffering a near-death experience between our second and third child when my fallopian tube ruptured our future family planning was then in God's hands. Luckily by his grace, we were still able to conceive again and add one more little blessing to make our family complete. I love each of my daughters uniquely, their passions and personalities couldn't be more different. They are the inspiration behind our family-owned business to provide safe and effective skin care. Because as mom's we know our choices make a difference not only for ourselves but for generations to come.  

Photo by Amber Tyler Photography

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