Attitude of Gratitude

Mother's are AMAZING! 
This morning as I was rocking my sick baby I was feeling tired and isolated. I know I will be sacrificing my own needs until she is well. To be honest I was not only feeling sorry for her, but also sorry for myself. I have been diligently trying to change my thoughts to ones of gratitude even during hard times focusing on the good of every situation in life. I can promise you this is no small task and often this mental wrestling can be exhausting. While trying to find the good in this situation I reflected on how I know my babies cries intimately. Because I am her Mother I can discern the difference between hungry, tired, or in pain. Not only that, but I can bring her comfort just by holding her close to me. As I started to recognize these gifts my heart did indeed start to turn towards gratitude. As hard and self-sacrificing as motherhood can be at times, I am grateful. 
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Photo by Natalie Bee Photography

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